Holwite and Clear Quartz Pendant
(Item # 404)

This pendant measures about 1.75" and is created with a 10x8 MM Howlite cabochon set into a silver setting which is then strung onto silver wire along with clear quartz and sterling silver beads.  **I created this pendant for my own use when I had an appointment for a past life regression.  I combined Howlite's ability to enhanse memory and Quartz's ability to act as a mirror into the self.**
Ivory white background with a spider web pattern of the black lines, howlite has traditionally been used to enhance memory. It also helps eliminate rage, pain and stress.    Howlite also helps to unmask illusion in the wearer's life, reveal self-delusion and expands consciousness.
Clear  quartz can do anything and everything!  It fills the aura with light and heals while is detoxifies.  Quartz also aids emotional stability and intensifies spiritual awareness.

quartz and howlite

Howlite and Clear Quartz Pendant