Here is a photo album of outdoor experiences past and present. Enjoy!

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, May 1971.
My parents had purchased a lakeside home the previous fall.
My brother Brian, (right) and I (center) are admiring my father's newly planted garden.
The far side of the lake is in Quebec, Canada.
The Northeast Kingdom is the most rural corner of Vermont.

Later that summer, I caught my first fish!
It was a "giant" Yellow Perch.
It was not to be my last.
To the right is Brian.
Behind is our faithfull attack dog and companion, Charley.

"Tether Ball".
This old wooden boat was secured to a fifty foot "tether" from which I rowed, swam and fished.
It was a "ball"!

This photo was taken in July of 1987 (Vt). Brian is on the right.
That grinning feller on the left is our good friend Joey.

Fast forward almost ten years.
In February of 1996, I spent a few days visiting Joey at his home in Alabama.
Here we are about to go fishing on the Chattahoochie River.
Joey is on the right. His friend Todd is on the left.

In spite of all the fun we had, we didn't manage to catch any fish!

Later that day, we did a little target shooting.
Here is yours truly about to take aim.
As you can see, Todd's head was removed in a bizarre Spiderwire accident....

Joey's turn....

Joey's "Steed"....

Your's truly doing a little shore fishing in Alabama....

We were fortunate enough to meet Tom Mann at his headquarters in Eufala, Alabama....

Brian (right) and I after a successful day of Grouse hunting in Vermont. October, 1995....

April Fools Day, 1996. Acton, Massachusetts.
My good friend Matt and I talked for weeks about fishing opening day - "rain or shine".
Since Mother Nature provided neither, we went just the same "out of principle".
Here is Matt attempting to fish.
The joke was clearly on us....

The next three shots are of Brian, Matt and myself doing a little clay shooting in Vermont. September 1996.

Matt shooting....

Brian shooting....

Myself, Brian and Matt....

Brian's Rabbit. Vermont. November 1996....

My 40 inch "Stripah". Charlestown, Rhode Island. October 5, 1996....

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