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Fine Real Estate for Manhattan and Long Island

Turn Key welcomes you long-island-real-estate-agency.com. We specialize in buying and selling homes, condos, coops, commercial property in Manhattan and Long Island. Our long list of satisfied clients and customers are referred to us to help them sell, rent or purchase their homes properties.

Phil Raices and his qualified brokers, agents and staff will show you some of the finest homes, condos, coops, rentals, land and commercial property available!!! Our professional staff's expertise and listening skills will carefully qualify, pinpoint and satisfy your needs and wants to help you with any desires you may have, be it commercial, industrial, investment or residential real estate. We can also help you with all your mortgage financing, lines of credit, architectural and construction. All Repairs (from small to large!) and insurance needs from "Soup to Nuts.".

Feel free to browse our web site and contact us when you are ready to sell and then buy your "Place to call Home" or your "Dream Home". We will be there to professionally assist you every step of the way. Also, please check Out Our 360 Degree, Virtual Tours.

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Selling and Buying real estate in Great Neck for over 20 years!Service Before, During and After the Sale

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