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If need be, will the borrower sign personally? Yes/No

At what stage is the project in locating the financing?

At this stage of the project, how soon are the negotiating parties able to enroll in the qualification process in order to obtain capital or loan funds?  Immediately/When requested

Amount of funds invested to date? Must be verifiable and available upon request US$:

Description of hard assets/collateral now present or currently available to be pledged toward the project:

Total value of all hard assets and/or collateral to be pledged is support of the financing requirement: US$

Does the project possess at this time a financial bond - bank guarantee (letter of credit, credit line, etc) bonds, insurance bond or any other security against which a loan can be issued?

Can the negotiating party meet a requirement for costs? (processing, due diligence, lender commitment fees or retainer, refundable at closing where or if applicable? Yes/No

Are the funds budgeted available, or will they be made available and verifiable to ensure the costs of application processing can be met? Yes/No

Our brokerage does charge  points or takes an equity stake inthe company, separate from all lender fees which is payable only at funding (success fee). Please advise us what is a negotiable percentage that we can agree upon.  %

How long has the company been seeking financing?

What types of financing have been obtained or worked with in the past?

What types of funding will be considered or preferred?

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What stage has the application reached?

Is a loan offer available from this source?

What types of financing have been offered, if any?

Have you ever been declined? If so, why?

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Are you currently generating revenue from this or any other projects? Yes/No

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Executive Summary
Complete Business Plan
Pro Forma's or Contract Agreements
Management Profile
Organizational Chart
Resumes of the Management
Expected Breakdown of use of funds
Bank Guarantee or other collateral instrument
Letter of intent to supply the instrument from a rated institution
Letter of intent to fund or loan offer already issue by a lender

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