Over and Underactive Chakras

bulletSymptoms of overactive chakras:

Symptoms of an overactive First (Red) Chakra: physical aggressiveness, impulsiveness, recklessness, impulsivity, obsessively sexual, hyperactive
Symptoms of an overactive Second (Orange) Chakra: selfish, arrogant, power seeking, overly proud
Symptoms of an overactive Third (Yellow) Chakra: judgmental, stubborn, critical, craving constant change

Symptoms of an overactive Fourth (Green) Chakra: Jealousy, stingy, taken advantage of, angry, overconfident

Symptoms of an overactive Fifth (Blue) Chakra
: domineering, fanatical, traditional, hyperactive

Symptoms of an overactive Sixth (Indigo) Chakra: fearful, impatient, oversensitive, belittles the behavior of   others

Symptoms of an overactive Seventh (Violet) Chakra: need to feel indispensable, needs sympathy, extremely erotic imagination

bullet Symptoms of underactive chakras:
Symptoms of an underactive First (Red) Chakra:
manipulative, possessive, overly tired, aggressive, needs approval, overly cautious

Symptoms of an underactive Second (Orange) Chakra
: mistrustful, anti-social, follower, introverted, unable to express emotions

Symptoms of an underactive Third (Yellow) Chakra
: aloof, unable to learn, psychosomatic problems, feels deprived of recognition, feelings of isolation

Symptoms of an underactive Fourth (Green) Chakra
: lacks compassion, needs confirmation of self worth, possessive, feels unloved

Symptoms of an underactive Fifth (Blue) Chakra
: resists change, slow to respond, stubborn

Symptoms of an underactive Sixth (Indigo) Chakra
: self doubt, envious, superstitious, fearful, worries

Symptoms of an underactive Seventh (Violet) Chakra
: feelings of bring misunderstood, shame, negative self image, lacks tenderness, self-denial

If you feel that you have under or overactive chakras your bracelet can be modified to put your chakras back in balance.  Please email me at mqafisheh@hotmail.com (please put nafisah in the subject line so I don‘t miss your email) with your specific concerns and requests for Chakra Balance Bracelets. You can also take a “Chakra Test” from Eclectic Energies at http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php


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