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bullet How To Order:
1: Click on the "Buy Me" button under the item(s) that you would like to purchase.
Optional:  If you would like a gift box and card for your item(s), please click on the "buy Me" button below:

Gift Box and Card $2.00
3: In the "Special Requests / Instructions" box in the shopping cart, please write any information that you think I would need to know about your order.  This is also the place to write your message for the Card and/or choose what item you would like gift boxed (if applicable).
4: If you have a discount code, you can enter it in the "voucher" box.
: Click on
"Go to Payments" on the shopping cart page.
: Fill out your billing and shipping information then click "Continue."

7: Please review your order and shipping / billing information then click "continue."
8: If you would like your gemstones to be charged and programmed specifically for you, please fill out the form located
**This is especially important if you are ordering a Chakra Alignment Bracelet / Pendant.  This is the place where you can tell me which of your chakras is overactive, underactive and open.**  If I do not receive a "Programming Form" from you, I will program the gemstones for overall health and make the chakra item(s) with the basic 7 gemstones.

I am more than happy to repair or replace any
item(s) that arrive damaged or break in normal wear free of cost within 30 days of shipment.  Please email me for a return authorization number ("RAN") BEFORE anything is sent back to me, I want to know the item is coming back and I want to make sure that I will be home to receive the package. 

bullet Shipping:

The shipping and handling charge is detailed on the bottom of each page with items for sale (I only ship within the United States).  I ship the jewelry as soon as I have it created (this will take a few days more for custom work).  If you would like an approximate date for the shipment of your items please email me at the time of order and I will gladly give you a date.  If for any reason I think that the creation/shipping of your items will be delayed at all I will email or call you within 48 hours to give you an updated shipping date.  Each item is carefully packaged with a detailed description of the item and care instructions.

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If you have questions or a special request.  Please email