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We now offer 100% straight commercial funding for certain types of projects & borrowers worldwide.

Types of Projects : Expansion for, or acquisition of, existing commercial cash-flowing companies, projects, properties, or new development projects. 

Minimum Net Loan Amount: $10 Million U.S.D. No maximum limit.

Term: 10 Yrs. Interest rate. LIBOR Plus 1.5%-3.5%. Margin determined by the lending bank.

Lending Bank: A rated or better Western European Bank provided for the borrower.

Closing Time: Within 30 days time or less. The closing is all done through the designated Escrow Co.

Personal Recourse: None

Loan repayment & Pre-pay: Requires repayment of both principal and interest amortized over a 10- year term. Refinancing may be done before ten years, if required, with outside lenders. Up to 24 months moratorium on payments for new start- ups.

Project Location: Worldwide.

Costs to Borrower: 2.00% of the gross loan amount. Escrow Co. charges and any lending bank due diligence fees will be additional. Brokerage points paid out of closing from notarized Broker fee agreements lodged in Escrow Co.

Documents Required For Submission: Signed LOI on the borrower’s letterhead (form available from Reata Funding LLC), Proof of funds statement from the borrower’s bank(s) for 2% bank commitment fee, full Business Plan for the Project, 10-yr. Pro-Forma, and a signed & notarized co-broker fee agreement.

General Procedures:

Borrower submits a LOI (Letter of Intent) and a bank certified proof of funds statement available for 2.00% of the gross loan amount borrowed.

Borrower receives copy of Escrow Agreement for his review and acceptance. He returns the executed escrow agreement, his 2.00% bank commitment fee and his full business plan and 10 yr. pro-forma to the Escrow Co. The Escrow Co. conducts its due diligence review. Upon acceptance, the assigned lending bank issues a conditional commitment for funding which is good for 90 days. Borrower, through the Escrow Co., reviews and authenticates the bank funding commitment. Once approved, the 2% is released to the lending bank.

Borrower will then be in direct contact with his new lending bank to negotiate costs and general terms of the loan. The Escrow Co. certifies funds for disbursement from the lending bank and the transaction is now closed.

  At all times, the borrower is in direct contact with the Escrow Co. and the lending bank. Therefore, whatever charges or documentation are required, they will come strictly from the Escrow Co. and lending bank. Accelerated Funding Co. and Reata Funding LLC are only acting herein as introductory agents and or facilitators for the borrower to the funding source and do not provide any bank instruments or other commitments of any kind.

Contact us today for assistance in getting your commercial project funded. Thank you very much and we look forward to being of service.

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