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commercial building financing

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Commercial & Project Financing LLC, a full service
nationwide & worldwide brokerage, will facilitate funding
for any type & size of residential, commercial, and business loan.
If you can't find a home for your loan request, we will. We'll fund:

-Residential (103% LTV OO & 95% NOO programs
and super jumbo loans).

-Construction loans for residential & commercial  

-Commercial loans from $25K with no maximum limit.  

(Small, Medium, & Large Commercial Programs up to 90%
CLTV with seller carry back assistance in 2nd lien position).

We will also fund Gas Stations, Industrial,
Manufacturing, Self Storage,
and Warehouse commercial properties.

100% large commercial project financing programs
now available with a minimum of $2M USD.

-NO DOC Commercial Loans up to 60% LTV
Mobile Home Parks & MHP Development Projects.  

-Large Real Estate Development Projects  

-Farms & Ranches  

-Raw Land  

-NNN leases that include the real estate  

-Business Loans and the Purchase of Business Notes  

-Working capital loans for small service businesses  

-Equipment Leases  

-Churches, Schools, & other Non- Profit Organizations  

-Re-Hab Funding of all types  

-Venture Capital & Joint Venture Financing  

-Accounts Receivable Financing (also known as ‘factoring&# 8217;)  

-Purchase of Auto Loan Portfolios - In house dealers  

-Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Financing (for Plaintiffs)

-100% Worldwide Corporate Acquistion Funding

-Foreign Currency Trades  

-Purchase of MTN's (mid-term notes) & BG's  

-Lending against MTN's, BG's, CD's, etc.

-Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLC's) for project funding

-Structured settlements for cash

-Purchase of bad & deliquent debt portfolios &  
ny other unusual loan request that
goes outside conventional business.

We also purchase all types & sizes of both
residential and commercial real estate notes in 1st lien position,
as well as mortgage note portfolios.

can fund
projects of
all types
in all 50
states and
nearly every


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