We offer the finest in tripod deer stands, electronic wildlife feeders,
fiberglass house stands and free choice feeders.
We also have various whitetail hunting equipment and supplies.

   feeders & tripods

The 400 lb. capacity Free Choice Protein Feeder with exclusive perforated feed distribution plate.
This design allows water to drop through the plate without wicking
up the funnel spout thereby clogging the feeder.

                    This type of system allows mature bucks to eat the amount of high nutrient Protein necessary to develop
optimum antler growth.  Simply put, the feed is there whenever the deer want it.


Portable All Purpose Hunting Blind 4'X4'X38" high, 15 lb
300 lb Feeder w/5 yr limited electronics warranty includes clock timer module, battery, legs & funnel. Electronics engineered for a 20 year service life in a year round feeding program. All feeders are equipped with 8' legs, solar panels and varmint guards. Now with 16 ga molded galvanized lid. Some assembly required. Shipped via UPS.
400 lb Feeder w/ all of above
Free Choice Bulk Protein Feeder Option for 400 lb feeder above
400 lb galvanized funnel, lid & drop assembly w/ legs.
Bulk Feeder (16 ga) galvanized funnel w/ perforated feed plate
build your own bulk feeder!
Quail/Turkey Feeders - Galvanized funel rests on ground.
Alfalfa Hay Feeder - Galvanized lid w/ legs
300 lb barrel w/ galvanized lid, stub legs & funnel - ready to mount feeder.
400 lb barrel w/ galvanized lid, funnel as above - ready to mount to feeder
Legs (3) 8' galvanized
Varmint guard & attaching bolts 15"x15"x12"H
Feeder winch up kit complete (assembled)
includes all components to make your feeder easy to fill (2 pulley system)
(3 galvanized legs)$199.00
(4 galvanized legs)$219.00
Call or email for a quote that includes shipping:

Mike Lapierre
Back Country Journal

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