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Central New York Hunting!


An ideal as a getaway for families, individuals and corporate events! This private estate, consisting of 4,500 acres of wilderness in the Thousand Islands Region in upstate New York, is for people who value the beauty of unspoiled nature, a civilized lifestyle and total privacy and seclusion. 

The estate includes a wide variety of natural habitat like bush, woodlands, open fields and also some rare alvar grasslands with calcareous pavement barrens. There are nature and wildlife trails through thousands of acres and the wilderness scenery presents unparalleled photo opportunities for nature lovers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, while the elegant interior of the two houses offers European style country living.

Sports & Recreation
Corporate Retreats
Family Retreats

To keep the deer population in the 2,700 acre game park at a viable level, several older trophy animals as well as some females have to be culled every year. The hunting is performed in the most ethical way in the European tradition. Respect for nature and its creatures are highest priority. Wade Boggs, famous New York Yankee, said: "this ranch is really top of the line. I hunted hard all day long to get a stag". This quote was made by Wade Boggs during a hunt where he appeared on Peter and Kate Fiduccia's Woods N' Water television series.

For the avid bird hunter the estate offers pheasant and duck hunting and for those who like to shoot non-living targets there is a 10 station sporting clay course available,  which was designed by one of the top guns in this country.
Bird Hunting is available from September 1st through March 31st.


In the European tradition, all hunts for European Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Mouflon Sheep, true European Wild Boar and a few trophy White-tailed Deer are personally guided one on one. We offer real hunting
conditions in a natural habitat.


The ranch offers exciting pheasant shooting, duck releases and pigeon shoots to private or corporate groups:

Pheasant shooting: Upland pheasant shooting is available upon request. A minimum of 5 birds per gun can be put out at a price of $20.00 per bird released. There are several release fields available, however, we prefer
not to have more than 3 guns per field.

Duck fighting's: Mallard duck fighting's can be arranged upon request.
Usually there will be 15 birds flown per gun at a price of $20.00 per bird
released but this number can be raised to any number of birds. Duck
fighting's will be held in an area with several duck blinds. Minimum number
of guns is four and maximum number is ten.

Pigeon shoots: Pigeon shoots have to be booked several weeks in advance. 

Please direct questions to Mike Lapierre at 800-866-3140.

Hunting Rates:

The basic charge for a hunt at the ranch includes lodging, 3 meals 
daily, beverages, guide, field dressing and transporting your animal out of the
field and into the cooler. The basic charge is:

$500 for a 2 day hunt, $200 for a non hunter.
$750 for a 3 day hunt, $300 for a non hunter.

Check in time is between 1 and 4 pm the day prior to the hunt.
Taxidermy service, meat processing, skinning and quartering are not included,
but available at additional cost.

Trophy fees are added depending upon the game shot are are as follows:

Whitetail Buck up to 129 points SCI            $2500
Whitetail Buck 130 - 139 points SCI            $3500
Whitetail Buck 140 - 159 points SCI            $5500
Whitetail Buck 160 and up                            On special agreement

Trophy Fallow Deer                                    $1500
Management (inferior) Fallow Deer              $500 - $800

Trophy Sika Deer                                        $1500
Management Sika Deer                                $500 - $800

Mouflon Ram                                                $700 - $2000

Trophy Red Stag                                            $5000
Management Red Stag                                    $700 - $1500

Pere David Deer                                            $8000

Trophy fees apply for 2 or 3 day hunts.
Hunting season is September through March.
Full charge for wounded game.

Please direct questions to Mike Lapierre at 800-866-3140.

Trophy Fishing at its BEST


A 4500 acre estate located in Upstate New York, has opened their 100 acre private lake to fishermen. The trophy largemouth fishing is legendary among those few guests and friends that have been allowed to fish the lake in past years. The possibility of catching bass up to ten pounds is a reality.

Fish in the four to six pound range are commonplace due to the fertile nature of the fishery. The ranch has been managed for years with a "No Pesticides - No Herbicides" philosophy. We believe this policy has resulted in increased growth rates of the trophy bass, deer and turkey on the estate.

The crew at the ranch undertook a comprehensive "habitat improvement" program several years ago. Structure was built with bulldozers and backhoes increasing the available cover for trophy bass. Submergent structure and brush piles were added to the lake.

The structural improvements were based on the advice from Ray Scott
contained in his "Great Small Waters" video series. Thanks Ray for the great tapes and information.

Fishing is "catch-and-release" only for largemouth bass. You can bring your own boat and fish for a day. Or you can reserve the ranches fishing boat and fish with up to 3 people for the day.

For bass fishermen in the Northeast, this is the rare opportunity to bass fish for trophies with an extended season May through October. 

Please direct questions to Mike Lapierre at 800-866-3140.

Fishing rates:

Full day of trophy bass fishing in your own boat $200 Full day of trophy bass fishing in the rental boat with up to three anglers $275 One nights lodging $85 (double occupancy available) With 3 meals for two $205

Special Anglers package for two:

Two days fishing Two nights lodging with 3 meals daily for two $750
(double occupancy)

Please direct questions to Mike Lapierre at 800-866-3140.


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